Workshop for Young People

This is a workshop which encourages its participants to get out of their heads and into their bodies by using embodied movement practices which enable them to embrace their creativity in a more mindful way. 

Empower your young people with the skills they need to develop their own initiatives to stand out. Through guided brainstorming and social-emotional learning approach, this activity based workshop is the perfect way to foster youth action and personal leadership.


School Empowerment Program

The purpose of education program is the only proven academic enrichment program that strengthens the approaches and theories needed to impact a student’s mind towards education positively. 

Create a healthy stimulating environment for both teachers and students. This program will enhance the classroom performance more in 4 weeks than other education programs do in one academic year.


Key Note Speaking / Presentations

Looking for a way to inspire your young people? An inspiring speaker skilled at reaching audiences, making connections with young people, and artfully guiding them through self-awareness exercises to reach a higher purpose. Weaving the right balance of experience, empirical evidence and anecdotes to create special energy that draws the listeners to take action on their life.

Develop empathy for youth experiences.

Hear about the JF global journey, and how young people are driving change.

JF Inspires will leave a mark of positivity and and motivation.

Boost Youth Potential


Encourage a culture of responsibility and ownership to boost the highest level of achievement. 


Effective leadership, which encourages positive communication and collaboration between students and teachers.


A supportive learning environment that generates energy for learning within the young person's mind and body. 


Continued professional development and resources leaving an optimistic outlook on approach to learning.


Increase students’ classroom engagement through training tools and affective learning strategies. 


Promoting family involvement is critical to producing a successful individual in and out of the house.