As a motivational speaker, trainer, advisor, and expert on the subject of youth development and leadership. He is the principal specialist at JF Inspires, a company poised with the vision to help youth be their best through the building and sustaining a culture of leadership that can maximize productivity and generate progress by way of social-emotional learning skills. A highly resourceful international speaker and mentor, Jamal upholds the concept that true leadership is not just influencing but rather an inspiration. He floats a variety of skills, originality and sheer passion in his style of delivery.

Vision, insight, actions are the theme and moral codes that are powered by defeating all obstacles so that the youth are empowered. His mantra in seeking to understand and feel the pain of others have made him a relatable communicator and highly requested youth speaker that impacts students, young people, and professionals from all walks of life. 

Unlocking the power of the mind and overcoming doubts, fears and mistakes have been a continual theme in his life.