Your Guide To Navigate Adversity

You can lean into adversity to create a better path and new possibilities by leveraging the outlook of pathological optimism. Let Jason be your guide.

Jason's TEDx talk

October 14th, 2023

Jason shares how adopting a pathologically optimistic lens causes setbacks to become opportunities that cultivate unbreakable resilience.

Jason Ferguson

Signature Messages 

Jason Ferguson

Signature Messages 

As a mental conditioning coach, Jason has provided transformational keynotes to a variety of audiences

His talks go beyond motivational speak and buzzwords. He showcases the tactics he uses to change adversity to advancement and breaking through obstacles in every area of life.

University of Texas at Austin; Austin, TX

At this collegiate retreat, Jason spoke on how to leverage high-performance emotional intelligence (EQ) to excel both on and off the playing field.

ServiceTitan; Glendale, CA

In this corporate sales performance session, Jason spoke to over 2,000 employees on shifting their perception to create new realities.

University of Hawaii at Manoa; Manoa, HI

Jason spoke at the University of Hawaii to the UH football team on how adversity is a gift to greater prosperity and good.

Black Athlete Student Summit; Manoa, HI

At the annual Black Student Athlete Summit, with attendees from top athletic institutions, Jason shared how to work through fear to create new opportunities for success.

The American Athletic Conference; Virtual Keynote

As the keynote for the annual AAC conference, Jason shared his popular talk on Pathological Optimism and leveraging adversity.

The Gift of Adversity; Keynote at Cisco Meraki

Keynote for the Cisco Meraki Sales team for their sales QBR. The talk was titled “The gift of Adversity”

Lean into change and break through fear to affect what is truly in your control

Jason uses the power of speaking to inspire athletes to apply their skill sets to other areas of their life, help sales executives create break throughs in performance and assist professionals with new paths. His keynotes provide the energy to motivate audiences with actionable steps to start the process now.


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Jason Ferguson is a Los Angeles native and former student-athlete. His life experience has consisted of both curses and blessings. He earned a full football scholarship to the University of Hawaii and was a part of their only undefeated season in school history. He obtained a career pinnacle in tech as a Sr. Sales Leader. He met and married …

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